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product designer


About Me

I'm a Brooklyn based Product Designer with 12 years of experience. Whether it be research, UX, or visual design, I immerse myself into all phases of the design life-cycle to ensure I deliver the best experience possible. When it comes to the process of building great products, I understand the importance of coupling user validation with an iterative design approach.



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Paying The Bills

My Day Job

Currently I work as the Senior Product Designer at MakeSpace, an innovative startup that's changing the storage industry.


Sharing My Thoughts

I enjoy sharing my knowledge of the space. Recently, I gave a talk and ran a workshop at Wix Lounge in NYC, focusing on best practices for website CTAs.


I'm Still a Dreamer

When I'm not at my awesome 9-5, I'm dreaming up new product ideas and learning how to make those concepts come to life.

how i work

My Process

Just like each design challenge is different, the process to solving those problems will vary as well. Factors such as time, resources, and budget always contribute to the path I take when working on a project. However, as a general rule I like to adhere to the following phases; Define the Problem, Research, Ideate, Design, Validate, and Repeat.

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There are 3 factors I always consider when starting a new project; business goals, user needs, and existing products in market. To kickoff a project, I first meet with stakeholders to gather requirements and define the problem. Next, I focus on getting to know the users and their current behavior. To achieve this, I review existing data, run A/B tests, conduct user interviews, develop personas, etc. Once the business and user goals are documented, I’ll look outward and perform competitive analysis and studying existing patterns to ensure I’m staying ahead of the competition and innovating.


This is the phase where you flush out initial concepts. Ideating alone or with a group, is dependent on the amount of time you have. However holding collaborative UX workshops has been know to produce great results. During this phase expect to map user journeys / flows and rapidly sketching ideas. Gather findings from previous phases and start to work your way up in fidelity. I like to start with sketching and then move to interactive prototype, checking in with stakeholders along the way. When prototypes are final create a test plan for how you want to validate your hypothesis.


With so many methodologies for user research, it's important that you pick the correct one for the project. I've worked on projects where we have done multiple rounds of usability test, surveys, and A/B tests and others where I only have time for quick guerrilla testing. The bottom line is, you don't know what your users want and need till you ask them. Validate early and often is the best practice.

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