Senior Product Designer

July 2017 - July 2018
The Product Design team here at MakeSpace is responsible for with designing solutions for all our internal and external products. This includes a customer facing website and iOS app, multiple internal Logistics iOS apps, and internal tools that support Customer Support, Sales, and Logistics. Many of the projects I work on here at MakeSpace I can not share with the public so IĀ have chosen to highlight the work I did on the Design System and Qualitative Research and Feedback best practices.

Case Study

Design System

The MakeSpace Product Design team worked closely together to implement and maintain a complex Design System that spans both internal and external tools. To start we compiled a UIĀ pattern inventory. Once we completed the inventory we closely followed the atomic design principles and built the reusable library using Sketch. This included general styles, elements, modules, and components.

General Styles
Best Practices

Qualitative Research & Feedback Methodologies

One of my main initiatives is to encourage an environment of exploration, collaboration, and validation. To achieve this goal, I've established and documented best practices for qualitative research and feedback methodologies. These best practices are used to guide the team while conducting session such as user and stakeholder observation / interviews, usability tests, sketch workshops, affinity mapping workshops, design critiques, etc.

Definitions & Guidelines
Sketch Workshop & Design Crit
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