They Call Me Frank

Developer & Designer

february 2016
They Call Me Frank is a responsive website I built using HTML, CSS, and Javascript during a 10-week Front-End Web Development at General Assembly course. It displays quotes and statistics around gender equality.

Case StudY

GA Front End Web Design Course Final Project

My goal was to create a website that would bring awareness to gender equality issues in a simplistic way. I chose to use a “full-screen / one-page scroll” jQuery plugin to highlight individual quotes or statistics. I wanted to make sure that every time a user visited the site they wouldn’t see the quotes or statistics in the same order. To achieve this, I developed a function in JavaScript that randomizes the set of quotes each time the page is loaded. I built a disruptive overlay to promote the newsletter, which is triggered once a user has scrolled through a certain number of pages. Since the content is short and concise, I thought it lent itself well to Twitter sharing, which I also included as a feature.

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Podcast Integration

MTV produces a wide range of podcasts that we were tasked to integrate onto the site. Some of our top goals were to increase off-site subscriptions and on-site streams. From a UX persepctive I worked on the following; user storymapping and concept sketches, interactive prototypes, usability testing and concepting for A/B tests.

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