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Ashleigh Kaneski

I'm a curious creative with 13 years working experience. I love to create and learn new skills. When I'm not working on solving a product design challenge, I'm taking photos, making art, or dreaming up my next project.

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Whether it be research, UX, visual design, or working closely with developers, I immerse myself into all phases of the design life-cycle to ensure I deliver the best experience possible. 


When it comes to the process of building great products, I understand the importance of research and user validation. Whether it's preforming usability tests or observing users in their natural environment, I make sure I validate my assumptions during each project.

UX Designer

UX Design is all about putting the users first and understanding their needs and behaviors. I never get ahead of myself and start designing in high-fidelity till I've sketched out concepts or user flows and validated them with users. This keeps functionality front and center.

UI Designer

Once the experience has been locked down, then I will start to apply the visual design. Working with a Design System has proven to make this process more efficient and keeps the look and feel consistent across a range of features and products.

Tech Partner

Collaboration with developers and product managers is an extremely critical part of developing products. I make sure to constantly be in contact with both while I design, pass off annotated specs in Zeplin and clickable prototypes, and pitch in during the QA process.

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The Work

My Portfolio

My portfolio spans a wide range of industries and product types; Responsive websites for large entertainment companies, consumer-facing iOS apps, SaaS for a social advertising startup, and Logistics sites and apps.

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